Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zoya Nail Polish in Evvie featuring Do Want Makeup

Zoya Nail Polish in Evvie - Ready for Fall!

Do Want Makeup paints a perfect picture of the smokey creme color on the finger tips of homebodies, snowboarders, and socialites. It may still be Summer, but it's OK to be excited about the luscious dark colors too. Zoya Nail Polish in Evvie sure makes us excited for Fall! Want to see more of Do Want Makeup's post? Check it out here.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fashion Find 8/2/2013

Friday Fashion Find - Fresh in Foral

Image via
Sienna Miller looks care-free and beautiful in this floral Dolce & Gabbana dress. This look is very colorful, which makes choosing a nail color easy! You can pull any of the colors used in the design to make your mani pop, which makes it fun and versatile! Try a pretty pastel pink like Zoya Nail Polish in Melanie. Or, try a true red like Zoya Nail Polish in Sooki to keep the look classic.


Celebrity Corner - This Week's Edition 7/31/13

Celebrity Corner with Dorthy Cascerceri 

In this week's episode of Celebrity Corner, Dorthy talked with MTV's Lenay Dunn on all things Fall fashion! Dorthy also announced that she selected the Christian Louboutin shoes for her wedding thanks to all of the viewers! How exciting!

"If Dorthy wears's free!" and this week's featured color was Zoya Nail Polish in Neely.  Didn't get the code in time to win a Zoya Nail Polish bottle? No worries - make sure you tune in to next Thursday's finale for the secret code!

Celebrity Corner with Dorothy Cascerceri
Celebrity Corner with Dorothy Cascerceri

Free Shipping Friday - YAY!

In case you needed just one more reason to celebrate Friday - Zoya Nail Polish wants to kick off your weekend on a colorful note... 

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Don't forget to share with your friends... after all, that's what besties are for - Happy Friday!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Go Nude...

With Your Mani (Silly)

 "When you’re in a rush or you’re heading to an event that calls for a modest, minimal manicure, nude nail polish is your best friends."

Zoya Nail Polish in Corrine gets a vote for best nude nail polish from While we love a bold bright mani, it is OKAY to go nude for a change. It's a softer, more elegant way to go without being TOTALLY naked which is a big no no.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swatches and review by The Lacquerologist for Cashmeres and Satins Collection

Cashmeres and Satins

The first swatches and review for Fall 2013 Cashmeres and Satins collection is here and The Lacquerologist dropped everything and got to swatching!

"It usually takes quite a lot to get me excited about fall and winter shades, but these are really great!  The perfect blend of dark shades that are traditionally autumn with a splash of brightness that keeps the collection colorful and fun!"

So drop everything and get The Cashmeres and Satins collection here. To read the review and see all of the GORGEOUS swatches visit The Lacquerologist.


Orange is the New Black - Zoya Edition

 Orange fever!

From Left to Right - Zoya Nail Polish in Paz, Beatrix, and Arizona
If you are like many others who have recently found yourself completely addicted to Netflix's original series Orange is the New Black, you'll totally get why us Zoya fairies wanted to write a little post inspired by the show. While there could be a huge review of why this show is so great, we'll stick to polish so everyone can review the Netflix hit on their own! This is a compilation of some of our favorite Zoya Nail Polish orange shades along with a few designs, so that you can get your "Orange on". Then, go check out the show, because seriously - it's great.
This look was done using a base of Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona, and for the tip, Zoya Nail Polish in Dhara

 There are so many ways to do accent nails now a days, so this look uses two accents on the middle and ring finger with Zoya Nail Polish in Beatrix. Zoya Nail Polish in Amy is used on the other three fingers.
 Feeling a little spontaneous? Try using Zoya Nail Polish in Pia with a strip of Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie to give it a bit of an edge.
Finally, a more simple look using Zoya Nail Polish in Paz with  an accent nail in Zoya Nail Polish in Purity with a Zoya Nail Polish in Marie Luisa topper.

Image via
Image via

Here are a few Blogger looks. First, an argyle look using Zoya Nail Polish in Sienna, Dove, and Arizona by Manicurator.

Next, a gradient mani done by the lovely ladies of Caravan Stylist Studio. For this sunset look, Zoya Nail Polish in Sooki and Arizona were used. You can see the tutorial here.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wellbis Magazine Tells The Zoya Nail Polish Story!

Have you ever wondered how Zoya Nail Polish was founded? Wellbis, a Croation Magazine, explains how the husband-wife team, Michael and Zoya Reyzis, built the brand up to what it is today. See the English Translation of this article below (via Google Translate). To read a little more about the background of Art of Beauty (Makers of Zoya & Qtica Products) click here
English Translation via Google Translate: 
"Art of Beauty was founded in 1986 by Michael Reyzis. Michael Reyzis had a vision that has evolved from a small nail salon to the spa, with a focus on natural nails, skin care and alternative European herbal treatments. Today the company has grown and become, as they point out, the most innovative manufacturer of professional cosmetics. Zoya, a classical pianist in Russia, was awarded a license for cosmetology when she and her husband Michael immigrated to the United States.

While employment for a pianist was limited, the world cosmetology offered a new profession and a way to build a new career. Zoya, through hard work and the demand for high-quality, healthy, natural ingredients for their customers had come to realize that there is a need for a perfect product.

In response to his wife, Michael, an advanced chemist, developed and patented unique products and anti-wrinkle treatments, shampoos and treatments to regenerate in salons and spas.

He also created the first fast-drying top coat and most durable nail polish; it has made a revolution in paints. Today Zoya, Michael and everyone in AOB created to focus on the highest quality products for professional salons and spas. Through brands like Zoya nail polishes, treatments and Qtica, Qtica Smart Spa, AOB offers salons and spas superior quality, satisfaction and exceptional value.  AOB was the first to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde and DPB from their formula.  Art of beauty focuses on the health, welfare salons, spas and all consumers."


Fall Trends

Fall's Hottest Trends

We aren't ready to give up our bright summer hues just yet but these colors for fall are just THAT good that we had to share this article. talks fall's hottest trend and the ON GOING trend of nail art.

"Nail art and embellishments are NOT going away," says Elizabeth West, nail technician at the Spa at Corn Hill in Rochester.

Pictured: Zoya Nail Polish in Claudine, Pepper, Louise and
Zoya PixieDust in Dhara

Not a fan of nail art? No worries. Try using textured polish like Zoya PixieDust for something a little different without diving into the nail art world. However, if you are a fan of nail art take a look at our Pinterest page from some inspiring ideas to make your next mani stand out from all the rest.

Read the rest of the article and see what must-have colors you need to add to your fall nail polish collection.


Summer Color - Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy

Zoya Darcy featuring Blog by Marzena Kanclerska

Polish Blogger, Marzena Kanclerska posted some fabulous swatches of Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy. It's still Summer, so let's enjoy the bright colors as long as possible! By the way - how gorgeous is her jewelery paired up with this sunny color?
Love this photo? Check out the rest of the swatches here.


Monday, July 29, 2013

What’s Your Accent?

Accent Nail
The accent nail (also known as a “party nail”) started a few years back and has taken on a life of it’s own.  When the accent nail was first introduced we saw the trend being used on just the ring finger.

accent nail

    Here’s a look at a traditional accent nail.
    Picture from Concrete and Nail Polish


Nowadays there are so many variations to this party on your nail. Here’s a take on using different styles and textures for an accent nail by pairing Zoya PixieDust with a crème polish. OR use the garden as your inspiration for a floral garden nail and add some polka-dots on another finger because…well why not?!

Picture from The Little Canvas Facebook

As you can see you can have an party nail be whichever nail you choose. The possibilities are endless and let’s be honest, there’s no WRONG way to have a party!  So get going and have fun with your mani this week!